Mobupps opens office in North America


We are happy to announce our new operation establishment based in North America. As a key global market and as well as a top market for Mobupps, we set this move as one of our strategical goals for 2019.


The North American region placed in the top of the GEO’s in our network. For the year 2018, our USA operation has brought us the highest revenue, and we were able to deliver the highest volumes of new users for our clients in this region. As well the growth pace showed a 29% increase compared with 2017.


“North America was always a key market for Mobupps. During the last years, we have had a big demand from our global clients for NA users, and we worked efficiently with our media partners to monetize their media in this GEO. In 2019 we set a goal, we wanted to get into the next stage where we use our global demand and supply and to go deeper into cooperating with more local partners, leverage existing operations, plus creating new business. Thus we decide to establish a NA presence, and Winkie was a great choice for managing this.” – Yaron Tomchin, CEO Mobupps.


The new NA office of our company was lead by Winkie Lee-Chan. She is a professional with many years of experience in the industry, having seen many trends. Winkie has worked in the industry since 2006 at companies like Azoogle, CX Digital, Mundo Media and more recently in the past four years, and she was the Director of Partner Relations at Mpire. Winkie has experience working with various supply partners from app developers and website owners to media buyers who buy off RTBs and DSPs.  She has worked with various verticals including health/beauty nutra rebills, coreg paths, mobile content, lead gens and app installs.


“I’m excited to be a part of the Mobupps team! Naturally, their strength is in JP, IN, RU as that’s where their current offices are based. Starting a North American office makes sense as the next step for Mobupps especially with the increased demand and supply in the US.  I hope to better service our clients being in the same time zone as communication is key and can often be a hurdle with a big time difference.  I hope to build out Mobupps’ presence in the North American market on both the demand and supply sides, and take the company to the next level!” – Winkie Lee-Chan, North America Managing Director.


Looking to a great future as we expect to give better service to our clients based in NA in the local time zone and increase our footprint in this market.