Main effects of Coronavirus on the mobile app market

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The rapid spread of coronavirus has an impact around the world, while humanity is trying to adapt to new circumstances.

What does this mean for the mobile app industry? When we stay in our homes, we use our mobile devices to the maximum, which opens up opportunities for many sectors of the mobile industry.

According to data from AppsFlyer, we can find a positive tendency for the number of installations – 1.5 Billion of organic installs, 850 Million of non-organic installs and 370 Billion of opened app sessions.


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The number of downloads for mobile games around the world in February grew by 39%, and China’s share increased significantly.

In addition, we saw that the daily time spent on mobile devices in China increased to 5 hours a day, an increase of 30% compared with the average for 2019.

The increase was since millions of Chinese are in their homes because of local lockdown as well as people fear.

We can see from the data of Sensor Tower, the App Store notes that the number of game downloads in China alone in the past month grew by 62%.

At the same time, App Annie published numbers showing that the best games by the number of downloads during this month were Brain Out and Honor of Kings.

It seems that the gaming market could benefit from the growth in the free time that users have.

Sensor Tower also shared data on the most downloaded non-gaming applications in February 2020.

TikTok attracted 113 million users, up 96.5% from the previous year.

India was the country with the largest number of installations (41.3%), the second is Brazil with 8.6%.

WhatsApp is the second non-gaming application in terms of the number of installations in the world with 96 million, which is 42.4% more than in February 2019.

In major cities in the United States that announce locks and self-isolation, there has been an increase in user activity in online shopping apps. Starting from the first week of March 2020, the number of new and active users has been constantly growing in mobile applications of electronic commerce and online trading.


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But, the United States is not the only region in which we are seeing a steady increase in online shopping. There is also an interesting trend from India – more and more users began to spend on e-commerce and online applications since January 2020. In fact, this jump has grown by almost 50%.


We think that this trend will only grow soon, as people will spend more of their isolation time on mobile applications. This will strengthen the mobile application industry, and many companies not previously involved in mobile commerce will try to partially or fully transition there. This is a positive trend for the entire field of mobile entertainment, e-commerce and online shopping.


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